Wes Hurley - Trustee

Wes has lived in the township for 8 years and has been involved with township business for 2 years. Previously Wes volunteered to serve on the zoning appeals board before being elected to Trustee.  He looks forward to becoming more involved with the community and residents to preserve the rich history that Hocking Township possesses.  Wes enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and canoeing.

You may contact Wes by calling (740)280--2220 or by Email hurley.hockingtownship@gmail.com


Gail Ellinger - Trustee

Gail is currently serving her seventh term as Hocking Township Trustee. She served on the Township Zoning Appeals Board for 5 years prior to being elected to the Board. Gail has lived in the township for 46 years. She grew up just north of Pleasantville on Musser Road, Walnut Township. She has owned and operated a  small Tack and Feed Shop for the last 30 years while working on their small family farm. Her job experiences have included, secretarial, accounting, payroll, office manager and school bus driver. Gail has served as a volunteer through Amanda Clearcreek Schools, Special Olympics and Fairfield County 4-H. Gail is married to Jim, their children, Jessica enjoys spending her days on the farm taking care of things. Judd and Lacey have a daughter, Tinley, and Jim and Gail love being Grandparents. They belong to Trinity Lutheran Church on Crumley Road.   

 As a trustee, Gail has always believed in treating the citizens of Hocking Township in a fair way by, listening to their concerns and making the best decisions for all concerned; while maintaining the rural characteristics of the township and protecting property owner rights, updating the zoning to ensure this happens, maintaining safe roads and making sure the residents feel they have a voice within their community.
You may contact Gail by calling (740) 808-2523 or by email gailellinger@yahoo.com

Steve Wolfe - Trustee

Steve is currently serving his third term as Hocking Township Trustee. He has lived in the township for 17 years. Steve enjoys working with the neighbors in the Township. He feels that Hocking Township is a place of refuge from the other communities and believes it is a great place to reside and raise a family. Steve and his wife Carla enjoys the peaceful living outside the city in Hocking Township. 

You may contact Steve by calling (740) 652-0906

Email Steve sncwolfe@gmail.com

Chuck Ressley - Fiscal Officer

Chuck has been the Fiscal Officer for Hocking Township since April 2014. He served on the Zoning Board of Commissions for 2 years. He has lived in Hocking Township for over 45 years.

You may contact Chuck by calling (740) 681-9760

or by e-mail HockingTownship@yahoo.com

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